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Grand_ol_Gang_notecards.jpg (60685 bytes)
"Grand Ol' Gang"

True_Blues_notecards.jpg (59787 bytes)
"True Blues"

Callin_the_Red_notecards.jpg (48953 bytes)
"Callin' the Red"

Callin_the_Blue_notecards.jpg (54209 bytes)
"Callin' the Blue"

Holiday_in_the_Park_notecards.jpg (126525 bytes)
"Holiday in the Park"

Line_of_Duty_notecards.jpg (101624 bytes)
"Line of Duty"

The_American_Spirit_notecards.jpg (126596 bytes)
"The American Spirit"

Nuns_Orchid_notecards.jpg (109292 bytes)
"Nuns Orchid"

The_Charm_of_Italy_notecards.jpg (130312 bytes)
"The Charm of Italy"

We_the_People_notecards.jpg (93600 bytes)
"We the People"


The_Glory_of_San_Pietro_notecards.jpg (103564 bytes)
"The Glory of San Pietro"


Via_Dell_Amore_notecards.jpg (102033 bytes)
"Via Dell Amore"

The_Celebration_notecards.jpg (127237 bytes)
"The Celebration"


The_Promise_notecards.jpg (120049 bytes)
"The Promise"


The_Commission_notecards.jpg (127734 bytes)
"The Commission"

Everlasting_Arms_notecards.jpg (48992 bytes)
"Everlasting Arms"

The_Invitation_notecards.jpg (115418 bytes)
"The Invitation"


Who_Will_Love_Him_More-notecards.jpg (122663 bytes)
"Who Will Love Him More"

The_Good_Shepherd_notecards.jpg (85557 bytes)
"The Good Shepherd"

The_Way_Home.jpg (47781 bytes)
"The Way Home"


The_Lost_Sheep.jpg (65588 bytes)
"The Lost Sheep"

Sea_Gull_Moon.JPG (63799 bytes)
"Sea Gull"

Parrots.JPG (85908 bytes)

Sandpipers.JPG (71410 bytes)



Love_Birds.JPG (112424 bytes)
"Love Birds"


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