Born in Quebec, Canada in 1943, Charles displayed a very early interest in art. By the age of ten, he had won his first national youth art contest and by the young age of fourteen was considered a professional landscape artist.

Selling many of his works while still in his teens, Charles decided to further his artistic talents and business skills at Brigham Young University, where he graduated in 1967. Charles White's more than forty years of experience are evident in his gardens and landscapes which capture the essence of nature by mastering the radiant interplay of light and shadows and infusing nature's beauty with a sense of tranquility and serenity.

In today's world of fast-paced mass-produced mediocrity, Charles' time-consuming technique that creates a luminous multilayered work of art that welcomes the viewer into a world of tranquil beauty and timeless elegance is truly a breath of fresh air. To successfully create the dynamic yet dreamlike sense of depth and atmosphere that his work is so widely known for, each composition is classically crafted with extreme attention to the principles of design, color, value and contrast.

Over the years, Charles has enjoyed critical acclaim from both the public and his peers. While he has won numerous juried shows and competitions, the rapidly increasing popularity of owning one of Charles' elegant works of art has created a void as his originals are disappearing into private collections as fast as they are completed. In most cases, Charles' new works are sold before they ever reach a gallery for the public to view and enjoy. You may now, however, enjoy this classical timeless beauty through the ownership of a painstakingly crafted signed and numbered Limited Classic Edition print or a hand retouched signed and numbered Limited Classic Edition on canvas.