"Island Shores Snowy Egret"
 by Carl Brenders

Print Size:  28.25" x  20.5"

PRICE:  $385

GALLERY:  228-324-5022
Email:  artkeep@aol.com

Release Year: 1992
Form: limited edition print on paper
Edition Size: 2500 numbered and hand signed by the artist
Every morning at a certain spot on the beach, I would see the snowy egrets foraging at the shoreline. The early sunlight on the white feathers of those beautiful birds and the movement of the waves was a delight every day. I feel very fortunate that my publisher is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. For a bird lover, it is the perfect place to be. Herons, egrets, cormorants, pelicans and other birds are all around you. I would not like to miss my mornings on the beach near our charming little apartment situated on a kind of rocky cliff at a place that is called Island Shores. My trips to the United States mostly start with a stay in that apartment when I sign my print editions, and we always look forward to being there. For several years now, this lovely place with all the bird life around inspired me so much that the idea came to me to title this painting Island Shores. - CB