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Image Size 31" x 15.5"
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Encore Edition Size 2,000
Image Size 18" x 9"
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"Full Service"
Memories Collection #54
by Charles L. Peterson



"Not now Sweetie. Grandma's going to have a big dinner for us. We want to keep your dress nice and clean so she can see how pretty you look."

"You can see, she's down about half a quart so you're OK for now, but we'll want to keep an eye on it."

"Pop, me and Dick were talkin' about going fishing later on. Wanna meet us down at the river after work?"   

~Charles L. Peterson

Charles Peterson has retired!
The Memories Collection has closed forever. Mr. Peterson has retired from the national print market with the release and unveiling of the 60th image in the collection.


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