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"Happily Ever After"

"Forever Friends"

"Heavenly Night"

"Lone Drifter"

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"The Music Room"

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"Setting Sail"

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"Music to Remember"

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"Just Like Mom"


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"Beacons of Light"


When Kevin Daniel began dabbling in paints and completing portraits as a young man, he had no thought that he was nurturing the beginnings of a profession that would last a lifetime.  In his twenties, this Minnesota native began concentrating on painting animals and wildlife, discovering that people really appreciated the realism and natural beauty he brought to his subjects.  Daniel has now returned to the romantic creativeness of the masters' portraits he studied as a teen.  He has turned his camera on family and friends to feature real people in his paintings.  His paintings portray intimate and impressionistic scenes of nostalgic family life and the collectors embrace his versatility.  Daniel manages to portray his subjects much like the animals in his wildlife paintings.  The viewer is an unannounced visitor to the moment, eavesdropping on the subject.  Kevin Daniel's honors and awards have been numerous and he continues to attract a growing body of collectors.

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