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Mini Collection - GREAT SIZES


Citron_Butterfly_Fish.jpg (85543 bytes)          Horse_Heaven.jpg (107639 bytes)
    FISH                        HORSES 

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The_Rose_Garden.jpg (183850 bytes)
"The Rose Garden"

White_Lily.jpg (111429 bytes)
"White Lily"


In_the_Beginning_plain_mat.jpg (139336 bytes)
"The Model"

The_Model.jpg (86885 bytes)
"The Model"


Summer_Bouquet.jpg (116463 bytes)
"Summer Bouquet"


Sounds_of_the_Sea.jpg (127504 bytes)
"Sounds of the Sea"


Avril.jpg (79449 bytes)


Avril_with_Shawl.jpg (157384 bytes)
"Abril with Shawl"

Quiet_Moment.jpg (86760 bytes)
"Quiet Moment"

Solitary_Thoughts.jpg (112223 bytes)
"Solitary Thoughts"


One_with_the_Sea.jpg (63557 bytes)
"One with the Sea"

Shy_One.jpg (127055 bytes)
"Shy One"

Lace_Dress.jpg (88459 bytes)
"Lace Dress"

Celestial_Dreams.jpg (92022 bytes)
"Celestial Dreams"

Gentle_Breeze.jpg (67637 bytes)
"Gentle Breeze"

At_Days_End.jpg (80990 bytes)
"At Days End"

Afternoon_at_the_Louvre.jpg (79384 bytes)
"Afternoon at the Louvre"

Elegance.jpg (80697 bytes)


Simple_Elegance.jpg (63406 bytes)
"Simple Elegance"


Graceful_Elegance.jpg (74230 bytes)
"Graceful Elegance"


Ballerina_Study.jpg (84217 bytes)
"Ballerina Study"

Perfect_Love.jpg (74783 bytes)
"Perfect Love"

Gentle_Embrace.jpg (96878 bytes)
"Gentle Embrace"

Soft_Caress.jpg (76887 bytes)
"Soft Caress"

Beads.jpg (87413 bytes)

Beads_and_Feathers.jpg (158046 bytes)
"Beads and Feathers"

Embracing_Peace_II.jpg (97194 bytes)
"Embracing Peace II"

Evening_Bather.jpg (62914 bytes)
"Evening Bather"

Evening_Star.jpg (101786 bytes)
"Evening Star"

Feather_Bouquet.jpg (99214 bytes)
"Feather Bouquet"


Inner_Peace_II.jpg (67067 bytes)
"Inner Peace II"

Soul_Mates_Study.jpg (78344 bytes)
"Soul Mates Study"

Looking_Back_II.jpg (108176 bytes)
"Looking Back II"

Quiet_Refuge_II.jpg (81865 bytes)
"Quiet Refuge II"

Winter_Dreams.jpg (146295 bytes)
"Winter Dreams"

Ceremonial_Fan.jpg (58760 bytes)
"Ceremonial Fan"

The_Comforter_Study.jpg (93191 bytes)
"The Comforter Study"

The_Deer_Skin.jpg (80544 bytes)
"The Deer Skin"

The_Feather_Gatherer.jpg (90397 bytes)
"The Feather Gatherer"

White_Buckskin.jpg (82259 bytes)
"White Buckskin"

Sacred_Gift.jpg (96106 bytes)
"Sacred Gift"

Solitary_Warrior.jpg (103715 bytes)
"Solitary Warrior"

The_Dreamer.jpg (112328 bytes)
"The Dreamer"

The_Hopi_Pot.jpg (96685 bytes)
"The Hopi Pot"

Quiet_Dreams.jpg (134048 bytes)
"Quiet Dreams"

Memories.jpg (89434 bytes)

The_Turquoise_Necklace.jpg (132879 bytes)
"The Turquoise Necklace"

Morning_Sun.jpg (68167 bytes)
"Morning Sun"

A_Moment_in_Time.jpg (49940 bytes)
"A Moment in Time"

A_Mothers_Love.jpg (38604 bytes)
"A Mother's Love"

At_Peace_II.jpg (45283 bytes)
"At Peace II"

Contemplation.jpg (30400 bytes)

Embracing_Peace.jpg (31978 bytes)
"Embracing Peace"

Mother_and_Child_Study.jpg (58109 bytes)
"Mother and Child Study"

Native_Bride.jpg (26399 bytes)
"Native Bride"

Native_Bride_Study.jpg (17967 bytes)
"Native Bride Study"

Native_Woman_Study.jpg (33059 bytes)
"Native Woman Study"

Out_of_the_Shadows.jpg (43155 bytes)

"Out of the Shadows"

Peaceful_Moment.jpg (39741 bytes)

"Peaceful Moment"

Quiet_Spirit.jpg (31859 bytes)

"Quiet Spirit"

Quiet_Thoughts.jpg (35302 bytes)
"Quiet Thoughts"

Summer_Breeze.jpg (76129 bytes)
"Summer Breeze"

Shy_Maiden.jpg (30182 bytes)
"Shy Maiden"

Silent_Thoughts.jpg (26868 bytes)
"Silent Thoughts"

Solitude.jpg (44144 bytes)

The_Bather.jpg (30174 bytes)
"The Bather"

The_Prayer.jpg (30742 bytes)
"The Prayer"

Wrapped_in_Red_I.jpg (32722 bytes)
"Wrapped in Red I"

Wrapped_in_Red_II.jpg (30118 bytes)
"Wrapped in Red II"

Reclining_Maiden.jpg (27390 bytes)
"Reclining Maiden"

Heart_and_Soul.jpg (104065 bytes)
"Heart and Soul"

Feathers_Beads_&_Pots.jpg (67172 bytes)
"Feathers, Beads & Pots"

Collectors know Lee Bogle for his images of Native Americans, often solitary figures of men and women whose beauty far surpasses the superficial.  While his paintings artistically speak for themselves, they also reflect his appreciation for the natural world.  Working with muted, atmospheric colors, he is a master at depicting the expressive quality of light.  "The paintings are an outgrowth of my appreciation for the bold, painterly brush stroke and my love of precise detail," he comments.  "They are contemporary impressions in which detail is used in a very conscious and restrained manner to enhance the overall mood."

GALLERY  228-324-5022