"Home for Christmas"
by Mark Keathley

"This painting is a dream for me.  I have never experienced a white Christmas.  As I paint this scene it is 97 here at my home in Texas.  But whether the chill is in the air or not, the anticipation of seeing loved ones that I haven't seen for some time is deep in my heart.  I remember well -- waiting for hours in the front yard, or peeking out the window when Grandma and Grandpa were coming to visit.  It isn't too far of a stretch for me to envision looking out the window in anticipation and waiting for my son to come home for Christmas as he is moving off to college this year.  My hope is to capture that thrill and excitement that happens for just a few minutes of our lives as those people whom are most dear to us come into view.  To celebrate another person with jumping and waving or cheering and shouting goes deep into the heart of every human being because it says, "You are worth it!"  "I delight to see you!"  I hope you feel the excitement and are reminded of your deepest longings as you, too, dream about going "Home for Christmas."   ~Mark Keathley


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