"Moonlight Sonata"
by Mark Keathley

The moon, as the lesser light, creates a mood that allows timid creatures to thrive. Most animals prefer the night for moving about.  As Christians, the light we reflect from God will be such that it invites the fearful ones out into the open and helps them find their way.  Too often, it is not a Godly light, but rather judgment and condemnation which hinder anyone from opening up true Light and Love of God.

Have you ever wondered why the wildlife is more active at night? What is it that causes the quiet stirring of the forest?  
Moonlight Sonata is a nocturnal melody of wonder.   The heart is stirred when the moon rises slowly over the hills. If we stop for a long moment and ponder the wonder of it, we might even ask the right questions. So take a moment and watch the rising moon. Let it draw your attention, stir some awe, and then allow yourself to ponder its mystery. While the moon holds no light of its own, it is a spectacle to marvel at as it draws its light from another source. It is so reflective of the true source of light that other creatures can thrive in its reflective glow. Moonlight Sonata is a nocturnal melody designed to stir the perceptive soul to new levels of awareness of the Source of Light, so we too might shed a little light in a dark world.

~ Mark Keathley


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