"Nature's Harmony"
by Mark Keathley

"I fell in love with the moss covered rocks and fallen logs that surround the streams in the deep valleys of the Smoky Mountains. Tromping through the woods is very exciting to me. Every turn of the stream has a new vantage point that makes me go, "wow!" I haven't gotten to see any wild bears -- I guess that is good -- but I did find these in a nearby wildlife habitat. The old settlers cabin and split rail fence is still there today.... left over from the days when the land was donated to the national parks service and the last of the "old timers" lived out their days scratching corn out of self cleared meadows. The woods have re-invaded the farm land and only this small strip of land is left at this farm, but it made a beautiful location to paint. Every time I see such a spot I wonder what kind of people could survive so isolated and alone. But then I remember, they weren't alone. Certainly, they had a large family, some unexpected visitors like the ones in this painting, and a confident belief in their God and his claim, "I will never leave you or forsake you," to take with them into the wilderness."

-Mark Keathley


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