~Rod Chase~

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Gloria_di_Maria.jpg (45000 bytes)
"Gloria di Maria"

Honored_Glory.jpg (44239 bytes)
"Honored Glory"

We_the_People.jpg (47755 bytes)
"We the People"

Hills_of_Chianti.jpg (114653 bytes)
"Hills of Chianti"


Holiday_in_the_Park.jpg (83737 bytes)
"Holiday in the Park"


Blackmore_Vale.jpg (80452 bytes)
"Blackmore Vale"


Picturing_the_Past.jpg (29636 bytes)
"Picturing the Past"


A_Beacon_of_Hope.jpg (30331 bytes)
"A Beacon of Hope"

Via_dell_Amore.jpg (30268 bytes)
"Via dell'Amore"

Glory_of_San_Pietro.jpg (33849 bytes)
"Glory of San Pietro"

  The_Mists_of_Morning.jpg (40876 bytes)
"The Mists of Morning"

Evening_in_Venice.jpg (56178 bytes)
"Evening in Venice"

Land_of_Liberty.jpg (20579 bytes)
"Land of Liberty"

America_America.jpg (27760 bytes)
 "America! America!"

Old_Glory.jpg (50777 bytes)
"Old Glory"

Americas_Home.jpg (48652 bytes)
"America's Home"

Evening_on_the_Hill.jpg (53862 bytes)
"Evening on the Hill"

Justice_for_All_TofA.jpg (56817 bytes)

"Justice for All"
Touch of Art

City_Lights.jpg (50667 bytes)
"City Lights"


Winters_Eve.jpg (67683 bytes)
"Winter's Eve"


The_Grand_Lady2.jpg (44348 bytes)
"The Grand Lady"

Magnificent_Destiny.jpg (79565 bytes)
"Magnificent Destiny"

Twilight_in_Central_Park2.jpg (71859 bytes)
"Twilight in Central Park"

Jeffersons_Monticello.jpg (85910 bytes)
"Jefferson's Monticello"


Line_of_Duty.jpg (39200 bytes)
"Line of Duty"


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