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Image Size:  18.5" x 32"
Price:  $275

"Highlight of the Neighborhood"
by Terry Redlin


On this beautiful summer evening in the 1950ís, the ice cream truck is making its final stop of the day. The kids, who have been awaiting its arrival at the lighted park area, now enjoy their freshly scooped cones. As a softball game begins, the driver delivers a carefully wrapped package of ice cream to the nearby house. Intently watching from a window, the cat knows that she may soon savor the soft, sweet leftovers from the bottom of an ice cream bowl. In the distant flood-lit park youngsters work off excess energy on wooden teeter-totters and a unique merry-go-round, playground equipment seen less often today. The family dog strains at his leash, wanting badly to join in the fun. In this nostalgic scene Terry Redlin remembers a more gentle time in small town America. It was an era when the familiar Schwan's ice cream truck, as dependable and delicious as our memories will allow, roamed the neighborhoods of mid-America.

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