Signed and Numbered
Image Size:  32" x 18.5"
Price:  $375

    "Sunset Retreat"
    by Terry Redlin

Includes: Sketch/Study

It's that magic time of the evening and that romantic time of year as late summer passes into early autumn. The family has gathered on the dock for one last try at hooking a big one. But Dad is already preparing for hunting season. Through the window of his workshop we see shotguns out and ready for cleaning. Leftover shells from last year stand on the window ledge like silent soldiers for inspection. The dogs, anticipating their favorite sport, have scattered the once neatly stacked wooden decoys in the yard. As a trio of mallards wing quietly across the setting sun only one dog notices. Soon it will be dark and the family will retire to the cabin for supper. With a workshop separate from the main cabin, Mom and Dad each have, in the artist's words, "their own piece of heaven".

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