Limited edition of 14,500
 Signed and Numbered 

 Image Size 24" x 14"
 Price:  $250

 "Sweet Memories"
by Terry Redlin

8th Annual Christmas Print 1998

The Palace of Sweets, a neighborhood store specializing in tempting treats for kids was an actual location in Terry Redlin’s youth. In this romantic painting he remembers that nostalgic time and place during the Christmas season. The area homes are gaily decorated. The corner lamppost is a work of art in its own right with wreath, bow and unique strips of twirled bunting. Into this festive scene a wagonload of children on a holiday hayride have stopped for a bit of shopping. “The variety of candy in glass jars was huge,” the artist recalls, “and back then marshmallows were sold in pails. I haven’t seen that for years.”

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