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Picking_Green_Apples.jpg (93803 bytes)
"Picking Green Apples"

On_to_Better_Pastures.jpg (66815 bytes)
"On to Better Pastures"

Racing_Sundown.jpg (59932 bytes)
"Racing Sundown"

Rocky_Mountain_Paradise.jpg (83159 bytes)
"Rocky Mountain Paradise"

Summer_Breezes.jpg (54324 bytes)
"Summer Breezes"

The_New_Foal.jpg (78663 bytes)
"The New Foal"

Sorrels_in_the_Sun.jpg (84418 bytes)
"Sorrels in the Sun"

Winters_Work.jpg (53155 bytes)
"Winter Work"

Time_to_Reflect.jpg (116990 bytes)
"Time to Reflect"

Quiet_Time.jpg (64210 bytes)
"Quiet Time"

Thunder_Rolls.jpg (51231 bytes)
"Thunder Rolls"

Where_Freedom_Lives.jpg (59911 bytes)
"Where Freedom Lives"


A_Road_Less_Traveled.jpg (92377 bytes)
"A Road Less Traveled"


Better_Than_Gold.jpg (77455 bytes)
"Better Than Gold"

Branding_The_Remnants.jpg (86906 bytes)
"Branding the Remnants"

Cowboy_Cut.jpg (76832 bytes)
"Cowboy Cut"


Crossing_the_Creek.jpg (94821 bytes)
 "Crossing the Creek"

Good_Horses_and_Wide_Open_Spaces.jpg (78836 bytes)
"Good Horses and
Wide Open Spaces"

Heart_and_Home.jpg (81784 bytes)
"Heart and Home"


I_Should_Have_Been_a_Stock_Broker.jpg (76599 bytes)
"I Should Have Been
a Stockbroker"

October_Mist.jpg (79801 bytes)
"October Mist"


Rumbling_Thunder.jpg (93747 bytes)
"Rumbling Thunder"


Where_the_Sun_Shines_on_the_Mountain_Top.jpg (95577 bytes)
"Where the Sun Shines
on the Mountain Top"

Long_Days_Short_Pay.jpg (49552 bytes)
"Long Days, Short Pay"

At_His_Own_Pace.jpg (69969 bytes)
"At His Own Pace"

Along_Eagle_Creek.jpg (102869 bytes)
"Along Eagle Creek"

Autumns_Amber_Glow.jpg (83780 bytes)
"Autumn's Amber Glow"

Dance_of_the_Blue_Cayuse.jpg (77700 bytes)
"Dance of the Blue Cayuse"

Face_to_Face.jpg (61987 bytes)
"Face to Face"


Fresh_Mounts.jpg (89616 bytes)
"Fresh Mounts"


If_Looks_Could_Kill.jpg (94991 bytes)
"If Looks Could Kill"


Her_Chance_to_Dance.jpg (67204 bytes)
"Her Chance to Dance"


In_the_Bronx_Corral.jpg (63699 bytes)
"In the Bronx Corral"


Hicks_Hereford_Heifers.jpg (66351 bytes)
"Hick's Hereford Heifers"


Leaves_of_Gold.jpg (93068 bytes)
"Leaves of Gold"


Little_Boys_Dream_the_Biggest_Dreams.jpg (75796 bytes)
"Little Boys Dream the Biggest Dreams"


Cardoza_Cowboys.jpg (71777 bytes)
"Cardoza Cowboys"


Coming_in_at_Sundown.jpg (93271 bytes)
"Coming in at Sundown"

Cow_Horse_Country.jpg (50586 bytes)
"Cow Horse Country"

Storm_Clouds_are_Building.jpg (48208 bytes)
"Storm Clouds are Builidng"

Twilight.jpg (46835 bytes)


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