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"And At Just The Right Moment"
By Bob Byerley

"Once a month Max's Grandmother's sewing circle would meet for a light luncheon and quilting bee. This month, Grandma would be hosting the event at her own home. She cleaned and scrubbed and fussed with her best china cups and silver and for the umpteenth time, she kindly but firmly explained to Max that it was so, so, so important that everything be just right. ‘Max‘, she said, ‘I will introduce you to the ladies before we begin our meeting and then you will say,’ Please excuse me, I have some things I must do in my room, It was very nice to have met you all‘; then Max, go outside and play and Max please, don't come back in until we are through.’

On Tuesday morning, Max left his mouse cage in the hall, went into the parlor, gave his speech, smiled his best angel smile to the ladies, returned to the hall, sat down and quietly waited, "And At Just The Right Moment.........."

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