"A Study in White"
by Bob Byerley

“My Grandmother, Anna Cooper, was given her mother‘s wedding dress on her
16th birthday. Anna passed the dress onto my mother and my mother, in turn gave
the gown to our daughter Kelsey. Considering that Kelsey was only six years old
at the time, my wife suggested that we gently wrap it in tissue and store it safely in
the attic. Kelsey, on the other hand, was determined to enjoy her newly inherited
treasure to the fullest. Each morning she would ceremoniously don her wedding
dress and veil and clomp around the block in her mother’s white heels. She would
stop by the Save-Rite Market and accept the warm smiles and flowery compliments
from any of our neighbors who happened to be shopping there at that early hour.

That summer we referred to her as our dusty hemmed “Study in White!”

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