Limited Editions
Image Size:  16" x 20"
 350 S/N ~ $160
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Giclee on Canvas
Image Size:  16" x 20"
150  S/N ~ $850 Studio Enhanced
15 AP ~ $1,050 Enhanced by Byerley

"The Flying Lesson"
By Bob Byerley




Late one afternoon while playing “dress up” in her room the little girl found the fairies. She discovered them hiding behind her toy box. “Come out from there this minute or I shall tell everyone what I have found” she demanded. “Oh please don’t tell anyone about us” the fairies said. If you keep our secret we’ll give you something in return.” “What on earth could a bunch of silly fairies possibly give me?” said the little girl. After thinking for a moment, the tallest fairy proudly said, “We can teach you how to fly!” The fairies made good on their promise and the little girl didn’t have to ride the bus to preschool ever again.

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