Order #BB409
Image Size:  24" x 30"
Giclee on Paper
 950 S/N ~ $195
50 AP w/ Remarque ~ $395

Giclee on Canvas
395 S/N    $1,350.00
30 AP    $1,550.00

"The Thrill Show"
By Bob Byerley

Gather 'round boys for the experience of a lifetime. For only five cents, one thin nickel, see the world's greatest daredevil, Seth Thomas, perform never before seen feats of daring-do in his high performance stunt car. Number thirty-eight will fascinate, amaze and thrill you with his finely tuned driving skills and super human bravery. Take warning; Women and children may want to avert their eyes during the most dangerous parts of this show. Step right up folks, the world famous Seth Thomas "Thrill Show" is about to begin!

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