Giclee on Paper
Image Size:  30" x 24"
 350 S/N ~ $195
35 AP ~ w/ remarque $

Giclee on Canvas
Image Size:  40" x 32"
50 Executive Edition $2,250
Artist Enhanced

Image Size:  30" x 24"
150  S/N ~ $1095
20 AP ~ $1,295
Studio Enhanced

By Bob Byerley






Every March, when I was growing up, we would turn to the back page of a comic book and snip out the advertisement that promised quick cash for the summer. We would send our seventy five cents to the L. L. May Company for a box of assorted premium garden seeds. In two weeks, when our package arrived, we were set up for business. My cousin and I would mount our display box on our wagon, put on our best summer dresses and venture out into our neighborhood. We would sell flower and vegetable seeds door to door. It was hard work but it was well worth our efforts when we got to thumb through the L. L. May prize book at the end of the day.

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