~Bob Byerley~

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The_Angel_Down_at_Dells_Garage.jpg (67180 bytes)
"The Angel Down at
Dells Garage"

The_Dance_Recital.jpg (68904 bytes)
"The Dance Recital"

The_Pep_Talk.jpg (68120 bytes)
"The Pep Talk"

The_Laughing_Place.jpg (72312 bytes)
"The Laughing Place"

The_Incredible_Shrinking_Machine.jpg (82755 bytes)
"The Incredible Shrinking Machine"

The_Lookout.jpg (83066 bytes)
"The Lookout"

The_Train_Shop_Window.jpg (64912 bytes)
"The Train Shop Window"

The_Wranglers.jpg (58214 bytes)
"The Wranglers"

Traveling_Ballet.jpg (84655 bytes)
"The Traveling Ballet"

Puppeteer.jpg (74656 bytes)

Up_and_Over.jpg (83650 bytes)
"Up and Over"

Walts_Magical_Barn.jpg (70103 bytes)
"Walt's Magical Barn"

1000hrs.jpg (83341 bytes)
"A Thousand Hours Till Morning"

Irresistible.jpg (73841 bytes)

Jessicas_Bonnet.jpg (71512 bytes)
"Jessica's Bonnet"


Incisor_Surpriser.jpg (72876 bytes)
"Incisor Surpriser"


Image size on the following prints is 12" x 16"
They come matted and ready to be popped in a standard 16" x 20" frame.

Fireworks_Tonight.jpg (192890 bytes)
"Fireworks Tonight"

Introductions_All_Around.jpg (160039 bytes)
"Introductions All Around"

The_Cover_Girl.jpg (177034 bytes)
"The Cover Girl"


Flight_of_Angels_300.jpg (193356 bytes)
300 pcs ~ 500 pcs ~ 1000 pcs


Bob Byerley is a realist oil painter of nostalgic Americana.  Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1941, he now lives with his wife in a large Victorian home in the Harry S. Truman historic district of Independence, Missouri.  The quiet, shady, tree lined streets and old brick sidewalks where children still ride homemade scooters are backdrops and ever inspiring theatrical sets on which Byerley creates the themes of his paintings.  Byerley has won numerous painting awards and his works hang in many prestigious galleries and private collections.

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