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Add_Water_and_Stir.jpg (66117 bytes)
""Add Water and Stir"



Brush_After_Every_Meal.jpg (100813 bytes)
"Brush After Every Meal"

Invitation_to_Flight_Book.jpg (23732 bytes)
"Invitation to Flight"


August.jpg (64268 bytes)

Late_to_School.jpg (106983 bytes)
"Late to School"

Sound_of_the_Ocean.jpg (53450 bytes)
"Sound of the Ocean"

Parade.jpg (123864 bytes)

Our_Savior_Our_Teacher.jpg (141700 bytes)
"Our Savior, Our Teacher"

Airborne.jpg (86805 bytes)

The_Brigade.jpg (53293 bytes)
"The Brigade"

Free_Cleen_Puppies.jpg (63009 bytes)
"Free Cleen Puppies"

Cold_Tongue_Warm_Heart.jpg (75416 bytes)
"Cold Tongue, Warm Heart"

Hook_and_Ladder.jpg (157143 bytes)
"Hook and Ladder"

The_Lost_Shoe.jpg (57948 bytes)
"The Lost Shoe"

Junk_Yard_Band.jpg (81349 bytes)
"Junk Yard Band"

Health_Clinik2A.jpg (115602 bytes)
"Health Clinic"

The_Flying_Lesson.jpg (43692 bytes)
"The Flying Lesson"

The_Love_Letter2.jpg (63599 bytes)
"The Love Letter"

Cloudbuster_Airlines.jpg (77438 bytes)
"The Cloudbuster Airlines"

Yes_Ma'am.jpg (71990 bytes)
"Yes Ma'am, I reckon we can take on three more"

The_Fishermans_Dream.jpg (109429 bytes)
"The Fisherman's Dream"

Jackpot.jpg (70076 bytes)

Study_in_White.jpg (53324 bytes)
"Study in White"

Doll_Hospital.jpg (75319 bytes)
"Doll Hospital"

"Heroes and Villains"

"The General"

"Naming the Flowers"

"Little Red Hen"

Make_Em_Laugh.jpg (56080 bytes)
"Make 'Em Laugh"

The_Thrill_Show.jpg (72401 bytes)
"The Thrill Show"

Invitation_to_Flight.jpg (90186 bytes)
"Invitation to Flight"

"One to Ten"
{______ Sold as pair only______}

The_Clubhouse.jpg (72532 bytes)
"The Clubhouse"

Wildflowers.jpg (82330 bytes)

The_Barnstormers.jpg (67370 bytes)
"The Barnstormers"
And_At_Just_The_Right_Moment.jpg (75538 bytes)
"And At Just The Right Time"
Evening_Ride.jpg (68059 bytes)
"Evening Ride"

Giggles_and_Whispers.jpg (57626 bytes)
"Giggles and Whispers"

Inspiration2.jpg (84453 bytes)
The_Dreamers.jpg (82997 bytes)
"The Dreamers"

The_Gumball_Deal.jpg (66084 bytes)
"The Gumball Deal"
Flight_of_the_Angels.jpg (78740 bytes)
"Flight of the Angels"

The_Bean_Ball.jpg (75921 bytes)
"The Bean Ball"
Judicial_Decision.jpg (63117 bytes)
"Judicial Decision"
8th_and_Main.jpg (80969 bytes)
"8th and Main"

Cooking_with_Melissa.jpg (127198 bytes)
"Cooking with Melissa"
Checkered_Flag.jpg (118767 bytes)
"Checkered Flag"
Christmas_Memories.jpg (71638 bytes)
"Christmas Memories"

Flight_of_Angels_300.jpg (193356 bytes)
300 pcs ~ 500 pcs ~ 1000 pcs

Image size on the following prints is 12" x 16"
They come matted and ready to be popped in a standard 16" x 20" frame.

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Bob Byerley is a realist oil painter of nostalgic Americana.  Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1941, he now lives with his wife in a large Victorian home in the Harry S. Truman historic district of Independence, Missouri.  The quiet, shady, tree lined streets and old brick sidewalks where children still ride homemade scooters are backdrops and ever inspiring theatrical sets on which Byerley creates the themes of his paintings.  Byerley has won numerous painting awards and his works hang in many prestigious galleries and private collections.

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