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Decisions_at_Dawn.jpg (38767 bytes)
"Decisions at Dawn"

Flowers_for_the_Lady.jpg (62986 bytes)
"Flowers for the Lady"

Children_in_the_City.jpg (45493 bytes)
"Children in the City"

Siege_of_the_South.jpg (48216 bytes)
"Siege of the South"

San_Francisco_Market_Street.jpg (44223 bytes)
"San Francisco Market Street"

We_the_People.jpg (48155 bytes)
"We the People"

Old_Dallas_Main_Street.jpg (40240 bytes)
"Old Dallas - Main Street"

Dallas_The_Early_Years.jpg (37111 bytes)
"Dallas, The Early Years"

The_Theater_Crowd.jpg (37776 bytes)
"The Theater Crowd"

Snowy_Tracks.jpg (159175 bytes)
"Snowy Tracks"

With_Bedroll_and_Beans.jpg (166870 bytes)
"With Bedroll and Beans"

Reflections_of_Old_New_York.jpg (184292 bytes)
"Reflections of
Old New York"

Early_Boston_Market.jpg (34310 bytes)
"Early Boston Market"

Oil_Patch_Cowhands.jpg (156176 bytes)
"Oil Patch Cowhands"

Chores.jpg (34715 bytes)

Jingle_Bells.jpg (58579 bytes)
"Jingle Bells and
Powder Snow"

Market_Cafe.jpg (183792 bytes)
"Market Cafe"

A_Childs_Hero.jpg (9644 bytes)
"A Child's Hero"
Focus on the Family

Camp_in_the_Tetons.jpg (177853 bytes)
"Camp in the Tetons"

Children_A_Familys_Treasure.jpg (36069 bytes)
"Children - A Family's Treasure"
Focus on the Family

Vendors_on_the_Avenue.jpg (35271 bytes)
"Vendors on the Avenue"

A_Touch_of_Spring.jpg (67590 bytes)
"A Touch of Spring"

"Cathedral of St. Basil"

"Immigrants in a New Land"

"Jackson's Winter Campaign"

Moment_of_Glory.jpg (59823 bytes)
"Moment of Glory"

"When Leases Change"

The_Blessing2.jpg (72586 bytes)
"The Blessing"

Genteel_Nation.JPG (62010 bytes)
"A Genteel Nation"

"Horses for the

Lone_Star_State.jpg (29060 bytes)
"Lone Star State"

Broadway_Trolley.jpg (25777 bytes)
"The Broadway Trolley"

Old_London.jpg (27473 bytes)
"Old London"

Holiday_Flower_Shop.jpg (32337 bytes)
"Holiday Flower Shop"

Good_Wage_Wranglers.jpg (36166 bytes)
"Good Wage Wranglers"

A_Childs_Joy.jpg (171605 bytes)
"A Child's Joy"

Sweet_Memories.jpg (182160 bytes)
"Sweet Memories"

A_Nations_Dream.jpg (36949 bytes)
"A Nation's Dream"

Reflections_of_Yesterday.jpg (49788 bytes)
"Reflections of Yesterday"

Packin_Alone.jpg (68325 bytes)
"Packin' Alone"

Hope_of_the_Confederacy.jpg (66441 bytes)
"Hope of the Confederacy"

Vendors_of_Dreams.jpg (151963 bytes)
"Vendors of Dreams"
Cowboy_Gathering.jpg (44405 bytes)
"Cowboy Gathering"

Canyon_of_Dreams_Wall_Street.jpg (49346 bytes)
"Canyon of Dreams -
Wall Street"


Boot_Top_Crossing.jpg (39728 bytes)
"Boot Top Crossing"

Time_of_Hope.jpg (53416 bytes)
"Time of Hope"

A_Stroll_on_the_Plaza.jpg (55895 bytes)
"A Stroll on the Plaza"

Vendors_on_Fifth_Avenue.jpg (72439 bytes)
"Vendors on Fifth Avenue"

G. Harvey's art has intrigued and captivated a generation.  He paints the spirit of America from its western hills and prairies to the commerce of its great cities.  Through his art, our history lives...the epic struggle between states, our western migration, and that moment in time when horses and automobiles clattered across the cobblestones together. 

G. Harvey restores all those memories, sights, sounds and emotions: the rustle of long skirts, waving sheets of soft rain, the hiss of blowing steam as a great engine waits in a station, the warmth of a campfire, a reflection in the surface of a silver lake and the men of the West riding into the wind beneath sunlit peaks.