~ Miniatures ~
All Minis ~ Framed only $99
Framed with feather work added $135

Feather work and special cut mat is available in
framing upon request.

GALLERY:  228-324-5022

Maija_minis.jpg (130689 bytes)
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Feather work is custom! Therefore, no two are ever identical.
The above example is available for $299 with your choice of 3 images.

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Ancient_Ways_mini.jpg (55861 bytes)
"Ancient Ways"

Aspen_Gold_mini.jpg (92893 bytes)
"Aspen Gold"

Autumn_Snow_mini.jpg (327659 bytes)
"Autumn Snow"

Baby_Blue_mini.jpg (105485 bytes)
"Baby Blue"

Black_Magic__mini.jpg (67533 bytes)
"Black Magic"

Blue_Moon_mini.jpg (62337 bytes)
"Blue Moon"

Blue_Velvet_mini.jpg (51073 bytes)
"Blue Velvet"

Crystal_Waters_mini.jpg (312717 bytes)
"Crystal Waters"

Cliff_Dwellers_mini.jpg (59966 bytes)
"Cliff Dwellers"

Close_Encounters_mini.jpg (61671 bytes)
"Close Encounters"

Companions_mini.jpg (55293 bytes)

Desert_Dawn_mini.jpg (68990 bytes)
"Desert Dawn"

Devotion_mini.jpg (88693 bytes)

Distant_Eyes_mini.jpg (48656 bytes)
"Distant Eyes"

Dream_Makers_mini.jpg (66329 bytes)
"Dream Makers"

Dreamin_mini.jpg (39677 bytes)

Evening_Snow_mini.jpg (93644 bytes)
"Evening Snow"

Family_Ties_mini.jpg (69233 bytes)
"Family Ties"

Feather_Brain_mini.jpg (43247 bytes)
"Feather Brain"

Feline_Mischief_mini.jpg (76389 bytes)
"Feline Mischief"

Free_Spirits_mini.jpg (74419 bytes)
"Free Spirits"

Girl_and_Wolf_mini.jpg (80418 bytes)
"Girl and Wolf"

Guardians_mini.jpg (60664 bytes)

GuardiansII_mini.jpg (82603 bytes)
"Guardians II"

High_Country_mini.jpg (59753 bytes)
"High Country"

Indian_Summer_mini.jpg (60676 bytes)
"Indian Summer"

Inherit_the_Wind_mini.jpg (65508 bytes)
"Inherit the Wind"

Kindred_Spirits_mini.jpg (60854 bytes)
"Kindred Spirits"

Ladyhawke_mini.jpg (58060 bytes)

Little_Bandits_mini.jpg (94177 bytes)
"Little Bandits"

Little_Wolf_mini.jpg (56301 bytes)
"Little Wolf"

Lone_Wolf_mini.jpg (93218 bytes)
"Lone Wolf"

Looking_for_Trouble_mini.jpg (73357 bytes)
"Looking for Trouble"

Moon_Shadow_mini.jpg (89224 bytes)
"Moon Shadow"

Mourning_Dove_mini.jpg (155597 bytes)
"Mourning Dove"

Mystic_Rider_mini.jpg (42407 bytes)
"Mystic Rider"

New_Winter_Coat_mini.jpg (33854 bytes)
"New Winter Coat"

Night_Spirits_mini.jpg (63291 bytes)
"Night Spirits"

Night_Watch_mini.jpg (59485 bytes)
"Night Watch"

Out_of_the_Darkness_mini.jpg (47255 bytes)
"Out of the Darkness"

Painted_Pony_mini.jpg (74377 bytes)
"Painted Pony"

Paws_mini.jpg (88817 bytes)
River_of_Dreams_mini.jpg (52034 bytes)
"River of Dreams"

Second_Glance_mini.jpg (64149 bytes)
"Second Glance"

Shades_of_Sunset_mini.jpg (74609 bytes)
"Shades of Sunset"

Silent_Partners_mini.jpg (84336 bytes)
"Silent Partners"

Snowy_Retreat_mini.jpg (94782 bytes)
"Snowy Retreat"
Spirit_of_the_Wolf_mini.jpg (78483 bytes)
"Spirit of the Wolf"

Spirits_Soar_mini.jpg (64692 bytes)
"Spirits Soar"
Spring_Fawn_mini.jpg (60614 bytes)
"Spring Fawn"
Squeeze_Play_mini.jpg (99277 bytes)
"Squeeze Play"

Starlit_Night_mini.jpg (71336 bytes)
"Starlit Night"
Summer_Reflections_mini.jpg (51912 bytes)
"Summer Reflections"

Sundown_mini.jpg (52164 bytes)

The_Dowry_mini.jpg (87431 bytes)
"The Dowry"
The_Farewell_mini.jpg (71423 bytes)
"The Farewell"
The_Hunter_mini.jpg (38686 bytes)
"The Hunter"

Trouble_I_and_II_mini.jpg (83758 bytes)
"Trouble I & II"
Twilight_Magic_mini.jpg (68314 bytes)
"Twilight Magic"

Wilderness_Run_mini.jpg (77052 bytes)
"Wilderness Run"

Call_of_the_Wild_mini.jpg (72533 bytes)
"Call of the Wild"

White_Feather_mini.jpg (65875 bytes)
"White Feather"