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BUYERS:  Due to the retirement of Pati Bannister and the extensive damage of Hurricane Katrina, please call for availability of all prints. On January 31, 2006 all availability from the publisher was  terminated and all unsold prints were shredded. For further information concerning 
 Pati Bannister, please contact Dianne Nazaretian at 228-832-3177.


Our prices may  vary somewhat from the 2006 Secondary Market List. If you are interested in purchasing, please call for up-to-date pricing; otherwise, please use the link to the Secondary Market Price List
below as a guideline.

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Summer_Choices.jpg (150285 bytes)
"Summer Choices"

Good_Friends.jpg (100118 bytes)
"Good Friends"

Crossroads.jpg (79370 bytes)

Into_the_Woods.jpg (97897 bytes)
"Into the Woods"

Chapter_One.jpg (104842 bytes)
"Chapter One"

April_Light.jpg (194575 bytes)
"April Light"

September_Harvest.jpg (68050 bytes)
"September Harvest"

Emily.jpg (68653 bytes)

Scarlet_Ribbons.jpg (24918 bytes)
"Scarlet Ribbons"

Amaryllis.jpg (67159 bytes)

Gift_of_Happiness.jpg (105113 bytes)
"Gift of Happiness"

Sea_Haven.jpg (60627 bytes)
"Sea Haven"

Lavender_Hill.jpg (78881 bytes)
"Lavender Hill"

From_Russia_With_Love.jpg (88271 bytes)
"From Russia With Love"

Fan_Window.jpg (258710 bytes)
"Fan Window"

Silver_Bell.jpg (226396 bytes)
"Silver Bell"

First_Prize.jpg (86577 bytes)
"First Prize"

Nuance.jpg (70969 bytes)

Crystal_Bowl.jpg (55198 bytes)
"Crystal Bowl"

Bandstand.jpg (214323 bytes)

Scent_of_Summer2.jpg (139359 bytes)
"Scent of Summer"

Cinderella.jpg (40126 bytes)

Solitaire2.jpg (100893 bytes)

Magnolias.jpg (41443 bytes)

Songbird.jpg (70391 bytes)

Rehearsal.jpg (58576 bytes)

String_of_Pearls.jpg (71121 bytes)
"String of Pearls"

Guinevere.jpg (34903 bytes)

DejaVu.jpg (81822 bytes)
"Deja Vu

Jasmine.jpg (77188 bytes)

Juliet.jpg (79529 bytes)

Red_White_and_Blue2.jpg (157094 bytes)
"Red, White and Blue"

Goldfish2.jpg (122155 bytes)

Dogwood2.jpg (236047 bytes)

Hollyhocks2.jpg (230817 bytes)

Buttons_and_Bows2.jpg (167356 bytes)
"Buttons and Bows"

Angel_Trumpets2.jpg (202734 bytes)
"Angel Trumpets"

Porcelain_Rose.jpg (40415 bytes)
"Porcelain Rose"

Southern_Belle2.jpg (171126 bytes)
"Southern Belle"

Sunday_Afternoon2.jpg (195563 bytes)
"Sunday Afternoon"

Wedgwood2.jpg (155527 bytes)

Peaches2.jpg (170356 bytes)

"The Cuckoo Clock"

Cottage_Garden2.jpg (163569 bytes)
"Cottage Garden"

In_The_Wings.jpg (92727 bytes)
"In the Wings"

Lilies_of_the_Field.jpg (94942 bytes)
"Lilies in the Field"

Angel_Child2.jpg (239114 bytes)
"Angel Child"

Strawberries2.jpg (179177 bytes)


Apple_Orchard2.jpg (241090 bytes)
"Apple Orchard"

Ivy.jpg (44515 bytes)

Show_and_Tell2.jpg (180450 bytes)
"Show and Tell"

Swan_Lake2.jpg (179361 bytes)
"Swan Lake"

Thanksgiving2.jpg (186339 bytes)

White_House2.jpg (196891 bytes)
"White House"

Ribbons2.jpg (176303 bytes)

Rose_Garden2.jpg (237289 bytes)
"Rose Garden"

Winters_Tale.jpg (123133 bytes)
"Winter's Tale"

Enchanted_Evening2.jpg (210461 bytes)
"Enchanted Evening"

Butterfly2.jpg (82430 bytes)

Promises2.jpg (175916 bytes)

Dolls2.jpg (37600 bytes)

Fountain.jpg (93950 bytes)
"The Fountain"

Bridesmaids.jpg (51913 bytes)

My_Special_Place.jpg (25627 bytes)
"My Special Place"

The_Swing2.jpg (133687 bytes)
"The Swing"

April.jpg (65912 bytes)

Bed_of_Roses.jpg (77634 bytes)
"Bed of Roses"

Floribunda.jpg (77005 bytes)

Once_Upon_a_Time.jpg (91147 bytes)
"Once Upon a Time"

The_Quilt.jpg (33491 bytes)
"The Quilt"

The_Dollhouse2.jpg (183536 bytes)
"The Dollhouse"

Autumn_Fields.jpg (65094 bytes)
"Autumn Fields"

Teatime.jpg (69145 bytes)

Celebration.jpg (64925 bytes)

Memories.jpg (45640 bytes)

Lily-White2.jpg (79016 bytes)

Seascapes.jpg (34304 bytes)

Annie_and_Pearl2.jpg (77473 bytes)
"Annie and Pearl"

Peony2.jpg (69736 bytes)

Becky_and_Snowman2.jpg (73160 bytes)
"Becky and Snowman"

Puddings_and_Pies.jpg (46254 bytes)
"Puddings and Pies"

Quiet_Corner.jpg (62720 bytes)
"Quiet Corner"

Morning_Mist.jpg (118936 bytes)
"Morning Mist"

Parasols.jpg (29784 bytes)

Rambling_Rose.jpg (58756 bytes)
"Rambling Rose"

Crystal.jpg (61587 bytes)

Gift_of_Happiness.jpg (73885 bytes)
"Gift of Happiness"

Heirloom.jpg (125384 bytes)

Lily.jpg (25492 bytes)

Love_Seat.jpg (74006 bytes)
"Love Seat"

Make_Believe.jpg (40665 bytes)
"Make Believe"

March_Winds.jpg (27216 bytes)
"March Winds"

Paradise_Cove2.jpg (87592 bytes)
"Paradise Cove"

Sisters.jpg (29356 bytes)

Peace.jpg (75723 bytes)

The_Present.jpg (61379 bytes)
"The Present"

The_Duchess_4.jpg (32968 bytes)

Library2.jpg (107411 bytes)

Crowning_Glory.jpg (27672 bytes)
"Crowning Glory"

Soiree2.jpg (185006 bytes)

Pride_and_Joy.jpg (108316 bytes)
"Pride and Joy"

Easter.jpg (85789 bytes)

Wildflowers.jpg (110542 bytes)





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