~Paula Vaughan~

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A_Closer_Walk_With_Thee.jpg (60631 bytes)
"A Closer Walk With Thee"

Always_Forever.jpg (51464 bytes)
"Always and Forever"

Appalachian_Spring.jpg (49259 bytes)
"Appalachian Spring"

Daddys_Girl.jpg (62005 bytes)
"Daddy's Girl"

Dress_Rehearsal.jpg (61410 bytes)
"Dress Rehearsal"

Family_Tree.jpg (62696 bytes)
"Family Tree"

Love_Songs.jpg (211406 bytes)
"Love Songs"

Fiddler_and_the_Quilt_Maker.jpg (74955 bytes)
"Fiddler and the Quilt"

Fresh_Cotton_Quilts.jpg (49234 bytes)
"Fresh Cotton Quilts"

Good_Neighbors_Vaughan.jpg (69578 bytes)
"Good Neighbors"

Grannys_Attic.jpg (71465 bytes)
"Granny's Attic"

Grow_Old_Along_With_Me.jpg (38909 bytes)
"Grow Old Along With Me"

Here_Comes_the_Bride.jpg (62138 bytes)
"Here Comes the Bride"

Little_Princess.jpg (25315 bytes)
"Little Princess"

Little_Cowboy.jpg (28008 bytes)
"Little Cowboy"

Marmees_Little_Women.jpg (59939 bytes)
"Marmees Little Women"

Look_Granny_It_Fits.jpg (11609 bytes)
"Look Granny It Fits"

Joy_to_the_World.jpg (30850 bytes)
"Joy to the World"

May_I_Have_This_Dance.jpg (40572 bytes)
"May I Have This Dance"

Victory_Garden.jpg (43022 bytes)
"Victory Garden"

Morning_Visit.jpg (39976 bytes)
"Morning Visit"

Patchwork_Parade.jpg (71322 bytes)
"Patchwork Parade"

Piano_Lesson.jpg (42765 bytes)
"Piano Lesson"

Precious_Memories.jpg (61000 bytes)
"Precious Memories"

Pure_of_Heart.jpg (14620 bytes)
"Blessed Are the Pure of Heart"

Shall_We_Gather_at_the_River.jpg (35074 bytes)
"Shall We
Gather at the River"

Through_A_Mothers_Eyes_II.jpg (58806 bytes)
"Through a Mother's Eyes II"

A_Breath_of_Spring.jpg (200327 bytes)
"A Breath of Spring"

mayall.jpg (52785 bytes)
"May All Your Dreams Come True"

A_Brides_Prayer2.jpg (162016 bytes)
"A Bride's Prayer"
Mamas_Little_Girl2.jpg (161565 bytes)
"Mama's Little Girl"

May_Flowers.jpg (197640 bytes)
"May Flowers"
Piano_Lesson.jpg (42765 bytes)
"Piano Lessons"
Yesterdays_Garden.jpg (220944 bytes)
"Yesterday's Garden"
Blue_Bonnet.jpg (205521 bytes)
"Blue Bonnet
Pink_Ribbons.jpg (203091 bytes)
"Pink Ribbons"