~Phillip Philbeck~

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Memories_of_October.jpg (86639 bytes)
"Memories of October"

Buffalo_Crossing.jpg (68999 bytes)
"Buffalo Crossing"

Cane_Creek.jpg (123636 bytes)
"Cane Creek"

Sleepy_Hollow.jpg (123252 bytes)
"Sleepy Hollow"

Where_the_Rhododendron_Grow.jpg (90039 bytes)
"Where the Rhododendron Grow"


Alter_of_the_Forest.jpg (80923 bytes)
"Alter of the Forest"


Driftwood_the_Oxbow_Bend.jpg (107489 bytes)
"Driftwood - The Oxbow Bend"

English_Farm.jpg (59020 bytes)
"English Farm"

Eternal_Bear_Spirit.jpg (47310 bytes)
"Eternal Bear Spirit"

Fall_in_the_Appalachians-Mount_Mitchell.jpg (57029 bytes)
"Fall in the Appalachians
Mount Mitchell"

Flurries.jpg (35550 bytes)

Grandfather_Mountain.jpg (53980 bytes)
"Grandfather Mountain"


Guardian_of_the_Atlantic.jpg (66001 bytes)
"Guardian of the Atlantic"

High_Country_Grist_Mill.jpg (123167 bytes)
"High Country Grist Mill"


In_the_San_Juan_Mountains.jpg (88311 bytes)
"In the San Juan Mountains"


Main_Street_in_Old_Salem.jpg (102994 bytes)
"Main Street in Old Salem"


Relic.jpg (65652 bytes)


Skull_Cove.jpg (41246 bytes)
"Skull Cove"


Spirit_Island_at_Maligne_Lake.jpg (82183 bytes)
"Spirit Island at Maligne Lake"


Smoky_Mountain_Grandeur-Mt_Leconte.jpg (106937 bytes)
"Smoky Mountain Grandeur -
Mt. Leconte"

Springtime_in_the_Tetons.jpg (86582 bytes)
"Springtime in the Tetons"

Sunset_Over_the_Gorge.jpg (54444 bytes)
"Sunset Over the Gorge"


Table_Rock_in_the_Autumn.jpg (60707 bytes)
"Table Rock in the Autumn"

The_Oxbow_Bend.jpg (76994 bytes)
"The Oxbow Bend"


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