~Bradley Schmehl~

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Bedlam_in_the_Brickyard.jpg (46012 bytes)
"Bedlam in the Brickyard"

Change_of_Fortune.jpg (37159 bytes)
"Change of Fortune"

Collapse_of_the_Peach_Orchard_Line.jpg (37768 bytes)
"Collapse of the
Peach Orchard"

Columbia_Bridge_Burning.jpg (42328 bytes)
"Columbia Bridge Burning"

Devils_Den.jpg (47359 bytes)
"Devil's Den"

Forrest_Takes_a_Hostage.jpg (41237 bytes)

"Forrest Takes a Hostage"

In_Honored_Glory.jpg (35149 bytes)
"In Honored Glory"

"Into the Wheatfield"

Jackson_&_His_Disciples.jpg (38510 bytes)
"Jackson & His Disciples"

Lee_Deliberates_Heths_Advance.jpg (37397 bytes)
"Lee Deliberates Heth's Advance"
Press_Forward_Men.jpg (46029 bytes)
"Press Forward Men"

Reconnaissance_at_McDowell.jpg (39183 bytes)
"Reconnaissance at McDowell"

Taking_the_Oath.jpg (41286 bytes)
"Taking the Oath"

The_Death_of_Reynolds.jpg (47669 bytes)
"The Death of Reynolds"

The_Grim_Harvest_of_War.jpg (40376 bytes)
"The Grim Harvest of War"

The_Prince_and_the_Professor.jpg (39266 bytes)
"The Prince and
the Professor"
Tigers_to_the_Rescue.jpg (42364 bytes)
"Tigers to the Rescue"
We_Gained_Nothing_But_Glory.jpg (42562 bytes)
"We Gained Nothing
But Glory"

Stonewall.jpg (48923 bytes)
The_Gray_Fox.jpg (51177 bytes)
"The Gray Fox"

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